Processing RedEdge data with Pix4Dfields

At MicaSense we are committed to our customers with solutions that make capturing, processing, and analyzing data easier. That’s why we ensure that data from our sensors is compatible with many platforms so our customers have multiple options for processing data.
RedEdge-M and Pix4Dfields

Introducing Pix4Dfields: A New Instant Processing Solution for RedEdge

Wish you could generate fast and accurate maps from RedEdge imagery while still in the field? Pix4Dfields, a new software platform for agriculture, brings you that and more! In addition to offering analytics, Pix4Dfields is the first product ever to offer a instant processing solution for RedEdge imagery without sacrificing resolution.

Built from the input of farmers, agronomists, and breeders, Pix4Dfields solves one of the biggest pain points of the drone imaging workflow: time. With Pix4Dfields, processing RedEdge data now takes minutes instead of hours or days, allowing you to pinpoint variation and take action while still in the field.

What makes it faster?

Pix4Dfields is the first processing engine that rapidly processes true multispectral imagery, like that of RedEdge, while retaining image quality. It uses a photogrammetry pipeline focused only on what is crucial to agriculture, saving time by eliminating unnecessary steps.

“In order to process data faster, we are making a number of assumptions that reduce the time to generate accurate outputs. For example, in agriculture you don’t need to have a super dense surface model, one with less points already tells you all you need. Another is that we know all the images are pointing roughly downwards. These assumptions can also improve the robustness of the algorithms. We also need to use different types of feature detection tuned for the unstructured environments you find in nature. In an agricultural context, you are not going to search for sharp edges or corners, but you are going to look more for gradients and textures. This means that the features we detect are more likely to be repeatable and useful, reducing time spent on things that aren’t. Those are some of the things that are making Pix4Dfields faster compared to more generalized computer vision pipelines.” says Jorge Fernandez from Pix4D.

Solving the data bottleneck: analytics and processing in one platform

With an intuitive interface as well as accurate and instant results, Pix4Dfields flattens the learning curve. Rather than having to learn complex software, Pix4Dfields is automatically set up for agriculture, allowing users to simply import their data and press “process.” RedEdge users can see processed results and analytics in the same interface without an internet connection. Although the data is processed locally, every license also comes with a cloud version to allow users to access their data anytime, anywhere.

Though it’s quick and simple to use, its packed with essential functionality. Pix4Dfields provides powerful agricultural tools like, vegetation indices (including NDVI and NDRE), annotations to facilitate scouting, zone and prescription maps to prescribe and monitor applications, and split-screen and double screen features to compare different layers and provide context.

Adam Batschelet, Business Manager of Ag Technology, at Heartwood Labs (a division of WinTec Arrowmaker, Inc.), used Pix4Dfields and RedEdge in a recent service job. He was working with a client who was interested in identifying drainage tiles in his soybean field in order to guide some improvements he is planning this fall. Using RedEdge and Pix4Dfields, he was able to process the 20 Gb imagery he collected and locate the drainage tiles while still in the field.

“Before Pix4Dfields, processing alone could account for 4–6 hours of computing and office work. Now in less than 10 minutes we have our maps and indices. This means we can deliver finished products to customers on the same day,” says Adam.

With so many powerful features and the ability to process data in minutes, Pix4Dfields reduces the bottleneck in processing, providing RedEdge users with relevant information when and where they need it.

Interested in learning more? Click here to watch our webinar Instant Processing and More: Using Pix4Dfields and RedEdge for In-field Insights.

Ready to start processing? Click here and get one month free of Pix4Dfields

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