Analysis of Normalized Vegetation Index in Castile Coffee Crops, Using Mosaics of Multispectral Images Acquired by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Applied Technologies, pp.546-559

Abstract: This paper is aimed at the use of a UAV unmanned aerial vehicle (DJI Phantom 4), and the MicaSense RedEdgeM multispectral camera, for the acquisition of multispectral transported images of the coffee variety of Castilla accessible at Hacienda Los Naranjos in The Cajibío sale located at 1760 m above sea level in the department of Cauca, the gained images were processed using an algorithm developed in the MATLAB® Software to analyze them. The developed routines accept mosaic genres of the images gained through a flight plan that is characterized by having a horizontal and lateral overlap of 75%, the images were gained between February 7 and April 25, 2019 between 11:30 am and 12:00 m, additionally the routines allowed the calculation of vegetation indices such as NDVI, NDRE, GNDVI, and GRVI. That allows us to carry out phenological monitoring in coffee crops, to estimate the vigor or the state of health of the plant.

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Authors: Manzano, Julio & Narvaez, Jhon & Castillo, José & Vásquez, Diego & Villada, Luis

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