Introducing a revolutionary new sensor; seamless integration options for DJI M200 series

We are constantly working to solve pain points of the agricultural drone mapping workflow. As a step toward this goal, we are happy to introduce a new sensor, an improved DLS, and announce a tighter integration with DJI’s payload SDK program.
MicaSense Altum on DJI Matrice

Meet Altum: The Power of Three, in a Compact Package

Integrating a radiometric thermal sensor from FLIR and five-high-resolution narrow bands (seen before on RedEdge-M) Altum offers a simplified solution for users looking to capture thermal, multispectral, and high-resolution RGB imagery. Synchronized image capture opens the door to advanced analytics for researchers and enterprise level growers. High capacity USB storage enables users to fly longer without switching out storage devices. And our new and advanced light sensor allows for better light calibration over time, with a streamlined processing workflow.

Altum: 3-in-1 Sensor
Altum: A 3-in-1 sensor for advanced applications

Similar RedEdge-M, Altum features standard communication protocols so that it can be integrated with a wide variety of drones on the market. In addition, Altum’s data outputs are also standard 16-bit TIFF files so that users can process Altum data with industry standard software like Agisoft and Pix4Dmapper, or access the raw data from Altum to process it themselves.

Introducing MicaSense Sensors for the DJI M200 Series

Through DJI SkyPort, we can provide seamless integration of Altum and RedEdge-M with DJI’s powerful line of enterprise drones. This gives our customers more options for a high-quality drone and sensor combination they can rely on to capture quality data every time — with virtually no set-up time. For this offering, RedEdge-M will have a different look and name, RedEdge-MX, but the technology behind it won’t change, providing users with the high-quality multispectral outputs they’ve come to depend on.

The DJI SkyPort integration for Altum and RedEdge-MX features plug-and-play integration right out of the box, including power, quick connect/disconnect, and enhanced light calibration with MicaSense DLS 2.

And There’s More…

MicaSense Sensor Lineup
Altum, RedEdge-MX and DLS 2

Both Altum and RedEdge-MX will also include the DLS 2, the next generation of our Downwelling Light Sensor. This sensor allows for a more streamlined integration as it combines both the DLS and GPS into one product. In addition, through proprietary MicaSense technology, the DLS 2 will offer significantly better calibration for changing light conditions.

With a new sensor, additional integration options, and more precise data, we can help our customers go a step further towards capturing impactful information and re-defining the boundaries of agricultural drone mapping.

RedEdge-MX on DJI Matrice 200
RedEdge-MX and DJI M200
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