14 ways to use
imagery in Ag

The Ultimate Guide to Using Multispectral Imagery in Ag

Illustrated examples of multispectral imagery in agriculture
Drones in Agriculture guide

14 ways to use multispectral imagery in ag.

Discover how multispectral imagery improves efficiency and explore 14 different agricultural applications in this guide.

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Dual Camera System The performance you rely on from RedEdge-MX with a new coastal blue band, a new green band, and three new bands in the red to red-edge region of the spectrum. Combined with the bands in RedEdge-MX, the 10 bands in the Dual Camera System enable direct comparison between satellite and drone data.

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Altum Altum integrates a radiometric thermal camera with five high-resolution narrow bands, producing advanced thermal, multispectral and high-resolution imagery in one flight for advanced analytics.

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RedEdge-MX The RedEdge-MX is a rugged, built-to-last, professional multispectral sensor, now with a metallic enclosure for extreme durability. It captures the spectral bands required for basic crop health indexes and additional bands needed for advanced analytics.

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